2018 Conference

The Kentucky Communication Association will host its annual conference at Jenny Wiley State Park, Prestonsburg, KY on September 14-15, 2018.

The lodge at Buckhorn Lake Resort State Park


Attendees should register separately for the conference and for lodging.

  1. Register for lodging directly at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park. To make a reservation, call  (606) 889-1790 to talk to the front desk.
  2. Register for the conference via the links below via PayPal (note: If you want to order multiple items and/or quantities of an item, please repaste the link or reload the page each time).
  3. Paypal accepts most major credit cards
Conference Registration and Membership $130 ($30 for membership; $100 for conference)
Conference Attendee Name
Emeritus Conference and Membership $65
Conference Attendee Name
Undergraduate Student Conference and Membership $70
Conference Attendee Name
Graduate Student Conference Registration and Membership $90
Conference Attendee Name
Lifetime Membership (Conference Only) $50
Conference Attendee Name