2017 Conference

The Kentucky Communication Association will host its annual conference at General Butler State Park—Carrollton, KY on September 15-16, 2017.

The lodge at Buckhorn Lake Resort State Park

Call for Proposals

Kentucky Communication Association Annual Conference
“Celebrating Communication and Culture”
General Butler State Park—Carrollton, KY
September 15-16, 2017


This year’s conference will take a particular focus on celebrating communication and culture. Appropriate topics include best teaching practices, research and creativity related to communication and culture, including but not limited to instructional, interpersonal, mass, organizational, small group, applied, health, political, intercultural, and rhetorical communication, public relations and advertising, language/social interaction, mediation/dispute resolution and performance studies.  Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty scholars are encouraged to submit proposals for papers, interactive panels, workshops, and performances that address topics related to this theme, sparking discussion and active engagement between conference participants as we continue to address communication and culture’s current and future impact on the future of our discipline.
1. Scholarly papers.  Original research reports, think pieces, state-of-the-art literature reviews, or other scholarly endeavors may be submitted.  Papers should be no longer than 30 pages and should be formatted using APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian style. The name, affiliation, and email address for each paper author must be included.
2. Paper abstracts. An abstract between 75 and 100 words may be submitted with a paper title for consideration.  Full papers are not required with submission. The name, affiliation, and email address for each abstract author must be included.
3. Scholarly panels. Themed scholarly panels are highly encouraged.  Panel proposals should include panel title; the title and 75-150 word abstract for each paper on the panel (3-5 papers per panel maximum); and the name, affiliation, and email address for each paper author as well as the chair and respondent.
4. Discussion roundtables. Discussion roundtables can be proposed about any topic you and your colleagues feel is relevant to teaching, research, creativity, or service in the communication discipline.  A rationale for the roundtable (75-500 words) must be included as well as the names, affiliations, and email addresses for each person who will help to lead the discussion session.
5. Performances or presentations. Performances, presentations of films, photography exhibits, music, or other artistic works or creative interaction sessions related to the communication discipline are encouraged for submission. The name, affiliation, and email address for each performer/presenter must be included.
6. Great ideas for teaching (GIFT) workshops. Lesson plans, activities, teaching models, and other great ideas for communication classrooms are always welcome at the conference.  Please submit your activity’s name and a 75-200 word description of the teaching activity workshop.  If accepted, you will be asked to bring completed handouts for the audience to help them implement the GIFT in their classrooms.  Also, be prepared to facilitate a 30-minute workshop. The name, affiliation, and email address for each GIFT author must be included.
7. Student films. Friday evening will feature short student films. Please submit a link to the film on a publicly accessible site, such as YouTube. The name, affiliation, and email address for each student film must be included.

Submissions will be accepted via e-mail between June 1st and the July 1st deadline.

Please send all submissions directly to: